bus 407 discussion

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  • Hi Class, in large organizations the HRD function is a subsystem of the HR function, which is a subsystem of the whole organization. The organization’s mission, strategies, etc. all represent sources of input into the training subsystem that are filtered through the HR function. These inputs are translated by the training subsystem into useable input (organizational and employee needs, training budgets, etc.). This input is then used to produce the outputs of the training system. The training function is typically staffed with specialists, has layers of management, and has greater coordination difficulties between different parts of the training process.Typically in smaller organizations these two functions will be combined into one function. Smaller organizations can operate effectively with a less formal and systematic approach to training than larger organizations.
  • A. Define and understand the problem

    B. Determine the cause of the problem

    C. Identify potential solutions to the problem

    D. Select the solution providing the most
    benefits for the least costs

    E. Develop an action plan

    F. Implement the action plan

    G. Evaluate and, if necessary, modify the

    also reply to post 1: Human resource professionals are responsible for adding value to the organizations that we serve. Human resource is responsible for both building and maintain the ethical behavior in a business. However, what does frame human resource ethics? 1. Protecting rights by promoting truth and building trust 2.professional behavior by setting up the highest standards of conduct. 3.Promote Justice among all employees of an organizationThe question is how would an HR would apply frame to work?1. Clear communication2. Maintaining information very well3. Promote trust and protect employees rightAfter all, we need to have a professional, ethical, and trustworthy atmosphereWalMart has been accused so many times of mistreating its employees, not paying overtime hours but using employees more that the 40 hours. This business do not fairly treats its employees. How could we prevent such behavior?

  • reply to post 2: Hello ClassI chose the one-on-one topic because they are beneficial to both the employee and the employer. They are better for building a better relationship with the managers and the employees are able to share ideas and concerns. The one-on-one method is not really for venting and solving problem. However, they can be discussed. They provide great opportunities for managers to coach and train their employees. As well as understand any issues that they may have. It is really important to conduct these one-on-one meetings because they will keep the managers on the up and up. They will allow the managers to get to know the employees on a personal level. Every job should have one-on-one meetings just to make sure everyone is okay and on the same page.

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