BPM Outcomes: Part II

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DUE: 12.17.14 @12:00PM


Please answer the following questions:

  1. If you had to explain to your boss or to a prospective employer what you have learned about BPM(Business Process Management) and how you can help them going forward, and you were limited to something like 200 words? What would you say?
  2. Have you ever had any plans in Business to build on your knowledge of BPM?

Document Requirements:


Use standard 12-point font size

MS Word Document 

3/4-1 page paper(Nothing less then 3/4 of a page and nothing more then 1-page necessary)

1-2 sources in APA citation(I willn’t need anymore then 3 sources for sure)

Thorough Response is a must!!

 And NO plagiarism!!


*Homework Field of Study: Business Process Management(BPM)

If you don’t have expertise in this area of study please don’t waste my time sending a handshake. 


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