Biopsychosocial #6

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Biopsychosocial #6

Utilizing the information learned from this week’s chapter and reviewing the case examples in the text for practice, review the case below to:

a) Identify the Biological, Psychological, and Social variables impacting the client

b) Assess for Competence

Students must complete this assignment using two formats:

1) Submit the attached form/diagram which is similar to the examples used in the text. The diagram should be completed using applications from the case vignette listed below and provide a “snapshot” of your assessment. Examples from the chapter can be used for reference.

2) Submit written feedback using APA 7th edition format with the 3 variables (bio/psycho/social) and competence utilized as headers. This submission should include an expansion of the assessment diagram and provide support to the assessment given utilizing information from the text and any other empirically supported sources. Submissions for this assignment should include a title and reference page along with proper APA format which includes in-text citations, double space, 12 font, Time New Roman, etc. Excluding the title and reference page, your response should be approximately 1-2 pages in length.

Biopsychosocial Diagram.docx

Case Vignette

Demetri is a 39-year-old male who appears 10 years younger than he is. His mother brought him to the hospital because she is terrified of him. This is the 11th time that she has had to bring him in to be seen. Demetri’s appearance includes a baseball cap, a dirty overcoat, and bedroom slippers along with multiple medals around his neck. His affect ranges from being giggly and seductive with the interviewer to being angry at his mother. His speech and manner have a childlike quality, and he walks with exaggerated hip movements and effeminate steps. His mother stated that he stopped taking his medication approximately one month ago and has started hearing voices. He also looks and acts in a bizarre manner. When asked what he has been doing, he states, “eating wires and lighting fires.” His speech is often incoherent and marked by frequent rhyming and clang associations.

Demetri’s first hospitalization occurred after dropping out of high school at the age of 16. Since then, he has not been able to attend school or keep a job. During his hospitalizations, he has been treated with various antipsychotic medications but does not continue with the medication when he leaves, so he becomes disorganized again. He lives with his elderly mother, but he disappears at times for several months until he is eventually picked up by the police for wandering in the streets. There is no known history of drug or alcohol abuse.

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