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Essay Assignment

this is my topic :Big Data Technology

Reflecting on our discussions about information security, pick a topic with some depth to it. Your topic choice can be anywhere in the field of information security – the textbook might offer some perspective on the range of topics. You can also specialize your topic within a particular industry, if you’d like to do so. Your goal is to research the topic from a number of sources, and to then synthesize those sources into a cohesive discussion of your topic, along with your own perspective. However, your essay should be more than just opinion…..please explain and justify your point of view with research.

For example, you might be interested in the broad topic of authentication. This might lead you to a review of authentication technologies, which range from passwords to biometrics to authentication tokens. You might choose one subset of those technologies (say, authentication tokens) to research more deeply, perhaps looking at topics like the recent announcement of a device that uses your heart rhythm and your phone to authenticate you. This may lead you to consider the usability and costs of such a device, and perhaps the new risks this introduces.

Another current example comes from health care. Your health records are now sometimes available online, so that they might be accessed by other providers instead of sending paper records. You might consider how the access to these records is secured, and how usage is tracked and audited. Having your records readily available may reduce some risk (providing better/more accurate treatment), but increase other risks (theft of your health information, inappropriate use, etc.).

You must cite at least five business or IT sources . Two of your sources must be from peer-reviewed or scholarly publications. You may also refer to the textbook for additional ideas.

The essay must be 5-7 pages (1250-1750 words), double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 11 point font. You can find a template for this on the Assignments page on Blackboard. The student is responsible for turning in the correct version of the assignment, the first time, and in a single file (text and references together). The last version that is turned in before the due date is the version that is graded. This assignment must be turned in by the date specified in the course schedule by e-mail. This is a 150 point exercise and will be graded as follows:

  • Field Specific Knowledge & Experience
    • Subject Expertise 40 points
    • Content Value 40 points
    • Validity of the “Point of View” 42 points
  • Written Communication Skills:
    • Per Writing Rubric – 28 points

Notice : i attached file essay templet as Dr need.also my last ppt i did on class

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