basing on case answer question

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After reading the cases, use a Word document to answer the following questions:

1A) Did the cases describe project works or operational activities? Use the project attributes discussed in class to decide whether a case is a project or operations. You can use bullet points to answer this question. Note that you only need three of the cases to complete this assignment.

2) How do the cases in question 1 compare to the production of food products such as breakfast cereal? Support your argument with evidence.

3) Explain the concept of quasi-project. Give an example.

Overall rubric for all writing assignments:

Content quality = Completeness + Correctness + Evidence based (85%)
Form = Proper grammar structure + Proper use of APA format (15%)

Completeness is defined to mean that all parts of the assignment are addressed, including the peer- and self-evaluation when applicable.
Correctness is defined to mean that your answers are accurate compared to project management best practices, your course materials, and other relevant sources.
Evidence-based is defined to mean that your answers/arguments are supported by evidence. Evidence may come from your textbooks, journal articles, newspapers, trade magazines, or other appropriate sources. Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

All assignments must adhere to APA style, to include (but not limited to) the following aspects: document formatting, line spacing, page numbering, in-text citation format, and referencing requirements. Assignments do not need a table of content or abstract, but you do need a title page and a reference page. Students should use the APA Manual (6th edition) to assist in their demonstration of competency in adhering to APA format. For in-text citations and reference page formatting, you will find chapters 6 and 7 of the APA manual particularly helpful.

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