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Basic Background: Be able to provide concise answers (two or three sentences) to the following questions:

  • Name five stages through which the Bible is thought by scholars to have come to be.
  • What is the Promise?
  • How does the story of Joseph help to explain how the tribes came to live in Egypt
  • Who are Shiprah and Puah and how do they escape punishment by Pharaoh?
  • What event does the Jewish feast of Passover commemorate?

B) Write a small paragraph that shows your understanding of content and concepts. Be specific in referring to scripture but avoid simple summary.

  • What is meant by the term “biblical criticism”? Give three examples of the way in
  • What was David’s sin? Why is he still considered a leading figure in the history of the nation even though he sinned

C) Content and Identifications: Sarah, Ishmael, Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, Jacob, Rachel, Leah, the Twelve Tribes, Joseph, Exodus, the final plague, Passover, Moses, the deacalogue.

Essay: three paragraphs on the following topic. The Responsibility to Care for Creation (Genesis)


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