Based on The Exceptional Child:

Based on The Exceptional Child: Inclusion in Early Childhood Education book Chapter 7, In your answer make sure to use proper citation and specific page number used.

Based on the Allen text …Review the following case study of Carly and develop a plan for the numerous ways an early childhood program and its staff could provide a safe and appropriate learning environment. Include a daily schedule (or use one from a program you are familiar with) and determine which parts of the day Carly may require additional assistance. Discuss ways the environment could be adapted to meet her needs. In addition, include a list of other professionals and how they would be involved in the plan for Carly. (The best way to make it easy to read is to list a daily schedule and insert strategies and areas of need.)


Carly will soon be four years old. She walks with the aid of a walker or will scoot across the floor if her walker is not available. Language development is delayed due to a hearing impairment. Recently, she began using a picture exchange program to communicate with her family

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