based on articles i give answer 5questions each one atleast 100words 1

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Based on 3 articles and those pictures i give, use your own words to answer 5questions below ( each one atleast 100words).

(you can just point out the point or write full sentence but only use information in my sources and paraphrase any information carefully, it will be turn it in check online).

1 .What management issue does Mark Coglin, the owner of “House, Hearth, and Home,” face in the case study? Describe the key players (there are two of them and you may use not Coglin) and the decision that Coglin faces. What should Coglin do?

2.) In the article “Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail,” John Kotter describes 8 errors that organizations make in trying to implement change. List each of these mistakes .

3.) According to the article “The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents” the shape of a change agent’s network is important for their ability to influence different types of organizational changes. Identify and describe the relevance of the shape of the network for a manager’s ability to influence change.

4.) What is job enrichment? Explain the five core job characteristics that the job characteristics model proposes aid in the creation of an enriched job.

5.) Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of the most influential theories of motivation. List and describe in ascending order the 5 levels. Further, provide an example of how an organization can use each need to motivate employees.

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