Avoiding Risks From Harmful Habits

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  1. Find a news article or a reputable information file online that focuses on “Avoiding Risks from Harmful Habits”. News articles which do not focus on this health topic will not count for this assignment.
  2. When you find your article, read it and then answer the following 4 questions:
  • What is the URL for others who want to go read the complete article? The URL looks like this: http://……… and can be found in your browser address window.
  • Give a brief summary of what is found in the article.
  • Did you feel the article was written by a credible source? Why or why not? Use the resource attached below when answering this question.
  • What information was new to you in that article?

Answer separately and numbered.

Format to use:

  • News Article Title and URL: (copy web address from your browser window)
  • Summary: (no less than 4 sentences for full credit)
  • Credibility? (refer to the attached resource)
  • What was new to me: (no less than 2 sentences for full credit)

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