autism chapter 12 discussion

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The author of our textbook, Boucher (2017) addresses the idea of leaving people with ASD essentially “untreated” and learning how to value these individuals for their differences. What are your thoughts? If treated, should the aim of treatment be to make the affected individual “more normal” – or to make them “happier?” Discuss the pros and cons of each approach to intervention and draw a conclusion.

From the additional reading, answer the following:

1) In your own words, compare and contrast the terms unestablished treatment and fad treatment as they relate to ASD…provide examples.

2) In your own words, describe the differences between a focused intervention and comprehensive treatment models…provide examples.

3) From Table 2.2 (starts on page 26), choose at least two evidence-based practices and conduct a search (either the online MState library databases or valid websites on the internet) to learn a little bit more about the EBP’s you chose. You might find a case-study…an instructional video…a research article…etc. Provide a brief summary of what you find along with the corresponding link or citation of the outside sources of information.

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