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Question if you would like??

Suppose a local coffee shop knows that its elasticity of demand is 0.2.  Would you recommend that the coffee shop increase its price by 20%?  Why or why not? Suppose a cigarette manufacturer knows that its elasticity of demand is 1.3.  Would you recommend that they raise price by 20%?  Why or why not? Would […]

Short Paper: Globalization of the Financial Markets

Instructions For this short paper, you will examine international markets and the risk/reward benefits of holding foreign securities in an investment portfolio. You will identify the modern portfolio theory (MPT) concepts that lend support to investing in foreign markets. Prompt: Then, in a 1- to 2-page short paper, address the following critical elements: From a […]

financial markets multiple choice questions about bonds, economics homework help

Bonds loaned by the state government are known as a ________. a. CD b. savings bond c. municipal bond d. savings account ==================================== Bonds purchased from the Treasury of the United States are called? a. CD b. Savings account c. Savings bond d. Municipal bond —————————————————- A ________ is a time deposit that the depositor […]

Money and banking assignment

Question 1: The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) is an independent agency of the Government of Canada, established in 1987 to contribute to the safety and soundness of the Canadian financial system. OSFI supervises and regulates federally registered banks and insurers, trust and loan companies, as well as private pension plans subject […]

De Anza College Credit Market Equilibrium under Multiple Activity Choices Questions

In Question 1, the lender faces a single borrower who has a choice between two activities. In Question 1 (a)-(e), the lender offers limited liability loans under symmetric information. In Question 1 (f)-(k), the lender offers limited liability loans under asymmetric information.  The following assumptions describe the borrower and lender throughout Question 1. Borrower: Michelle […]

roles in economic issues

Discuss why an understanding of the role played by economics in social issues is important for people who are not economists to understand. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Discussion not a paper

Snack food venders and beer distributors earn some monopoly profits in their local markets but see them slowly erode from various new substitutes. When California voted on legalizing marijuana, which side would you think that California beer distributors were on? What about snack food vendors? Why?

Need help with Economics questions about a marginal analysis

1.You have made the decision to pursue higher education. Describe the economist’s view of how a decision like that is made. Using marginal analysis, make sure you evaluate the “rationality” of the decision and explain why the following statement is irrational: “Higher education is priceless, so everyone should pursue a degree no matter the cost.” […]

Module 3: 3 of 3

IMAGES OF ECONOMIC GROWTH: HANS ROSLING’S 200 COUNTRIES OVER 200 YEARS First, access the video under the “READINGS, VIDEOS, ARTICLES and PRESENTATIONS” folder under the Course Content tab. Locate the Module 3 subfolder. What did you learn from watching Hans Rosling’s 5-minute video about changes in the health and wealth of countries over the past […]