Assignment 2 The Victorians English homework help

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Explain utilitarianism and discuss how Charles Dickens’ Hard Times is a response to the utilitarian mindset that was gaining favor in the early-mid Victorian period. *Make sure to develop a focused analysis that makes a point and uses evidence (quotes) from the story to illustrate and support.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Remember, analyzing any work of literature involves making an argument: You must make a claim (thesis) and support it with specific evidence, details, and examples from the texts—this means your analysis MUST include quotations from the texts in order to be successful. Only with careful attention to detail, solid evidence, and careful reasoning will you persuade.
  • You may only work with texts we covered in the Victorian section.
  • No outside research is needed or may be used. You may use materials provided within this course only. Use of outside materials will result in failure of the assignment. If use of those materials is in the form of plagiarism, you will fail the course.
  • Make sure your video responds to the prompt you’ve selected.
  • A clear thesis statement. Have you developed an angle? Are you specific? Does your video follow that thesis (claim) all the way through to the end?
  • Whether or not you have successfully defended your point of view.

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