assignment 1218

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Read the ppt slides attached to chapter 3. This assignment has to do with Pages 11-12 of the ppt slides.

These slides are about Ethics. Five different ethical approaches are discussed. CHOOSE ONE OF THEM (no right or wrong) and either PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE OF AN ORGANIZATION/PERSON WHO HAS RECENTLY ACTED IN THE ONE OF THE ETHICAL APPROACHES or you can choose to JUSTIFY WHY YOU CHOSE THE ONE THAT YOU DID generally, no example required.


Here are few examples:



1. Scientific Gaming is a company that supplies gaming technologies and solutions to casinos. The relative uniqueness of this company is that SG games is involved in B2B business practices with casinos, but SG game products are exposed to customers of the casinos directly and if the machines don’t perform, there are many other companies casinos could get similar products from. SG games is involved mostly in the B2B business but they must think in a B2C manner to be successful.

2. The firm’s major products and services are gaming hardware like slot machines, table games variations, table game technologies like shufflers and casino floor solution systems that help with accounting, analytics, marketing and more aspects of the casino operations.

3. This firm competes in most of the countries that casinos exists. The company is one of the most successful firm in the gaming machine manufacturing business. The company is especially competitive in Asian markets because of the special market focus the company gives to the Asian market. It competes with the big dogs like IGT, Aristocrat and their diverse product line is letting them persevere in a very competitive market.


I choose to discuss the economic theory of ethical framework. When Amazon started the bidding process for their second headquarters they got many cities on their toes. Amazon had an 8 page instructions on how to do the bidding, and on that document they emphasized the importance of corporate incentives. By corporate incentives they were asking mostly for tax breaks and cash or near cash incentives. I believe this act by Amazon is very unethical because they don’t need tax payer’s support to be afloat in fact they are one of the biggest and strongest companies in the world. Even though I do not believe this act by Amazon to be ethical, because Amazon is doing what it’s doing to maximize profits, by economic theory in the ethical frameworks it is justified in that particular framework.


Assignment part 1

Mission Statement of Facebook

To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

I chose Facebook as an example for this assignment. As everyone knows, Facebook is one of the most well-known social media company in the world. Their mission statement clearly shows what their philosophical priority is and their targeted customers. Facebook enables everyone in the world to build an online community and communicate with each other. Also, they provide a platform where people can maximize their engagements by sharing information daily. One of the biggest strengths of the company is that Facebook collects profitable databases from the users, such as location, interests, and connection which could be beneficial for advertisers since they can target the most appropriate market segments. In addition, Facebook takes care of their employees with better employee benefits than their competitors. Among all the great benefits that Facebook provides, one of the greatest employee benefits is the amount they pay their interns. While interns in America make an average salary of $33,120, Facebook pays their interns $7,000 a month which is $84,000 a year. Besides the favorable salary, Facebook also provides free housing and competitive healthcare packages for their interns as well.

Assignment part 2

I have a great example regarding religious theory. My parent-in-laws are actually missionaries and they left to live in Thailand permanently about a year ago for missions. As they live based on bible teachings, they volunteered to be in Thailand to support people who are suffering from financial or physical issues and to share the word of God with them. They did not know how to speak Thai or have a place to stay, but they decided to go because they believed that it was the right thing to do as people who follow their faith. We receive calls from them often and it sounds like they have been settling down and having a great time doing what they have always wanted to do.

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