Arts Essay Assignment

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REQUIRED READING:Introduction, Chapter 1.10, and Ch. 1.1-1.9 for modes of analysis, and Chapter 4.4 for theme/content of artwork chosen and analyzed.

All related PPTs and DBs for those chapters. Also Labels-Title Formats PPT.

MUST Read chapter 4.4 Art and Science in your textbook to write this paper.Chapter 4.4 considersa few of the connections between art and some of the sciences like biology and psychology.We will add more current art and STEM connections in class discussions.

CHOOSING THE ARTWORK – if artwork does not meet all criteria, change artworks.

ANY or all artworks chosen MUST have an image/imagesthat can be inserted in the essay, complete label informationand at least 3 substantial quality sources for research.

You MAY choose from the text (GATEWAYS), but NOT from chapter 4.4.

You MAY go outside the text for an artwork to analyze. Internet is a possibility – stay focused.

You are allowed to go see artwork in person if the required type is available.

However, NO field trip is required for this assignment.

Avoid artworks whose only STEM connection is science fiction or fantasy.

Needs to connect to real-world STEM. May be real-world STEM inspired by sci-fi.


Write an analytical essay that focuses on the one artwork, or 2-3 artworks, you have chosen that fit the theme of Art and Science (Ch. 4.4). See CHOOSING THE ARTWORK above beforechoosing your artwork. Do not choose a work from Ch. 4.4.

Your essay topic will be an analysis of an artwork that clearly shows the interface between art and science today. You will choose one artwork or small group of artworks by a single artist that reflect this connection to serve as example(s)for the theme and the focus of a formal analysis followed by a contextual analysis.OUTLINE provided on pages 2 and and in the Rubric.


Formal-Stylistic Analysis: analyze chosen artwork(s) by applying Formal Analysis and Stylistic modes of analysis to the artwork. (In-class and in Intro and Ch. 1.10.)

Contextual Analysis: set the historical/societal and time-based context for the making of this artwork. (Context-Ch. 1.10, Theme-Ch. 4.4.)

Thematic analysis: Art and Science. Theme is applied to the artwork to describe and explain the connections between art and STEM. (Ch. 4.4)

Whole essay requires research.See 8-Bibliography later in this assignment.

ESSAY must include both intext citations and a bibliography when submitted.

Minimum of 3 in-text citations and minimum of 3 sources overall.

MLA Stylesheet required format for in-text and complete citationsand for Bibilography list.

Image required, one still image of artwork analyzed REQUIRED to be included in the essay. May also add LINK to video if appropriate.


Inappropriate choices of artwork will result in a refusal of your essay.Even if accepted there will be a significant impact on the grade.

All parts of the assignment and essay are required and included in the grading. “I couldn’t find that information.” will not earn any grade points on this assignment. Adding information not specifically required by and in tangent to the essay assignment will not impact the grade. You are only graded on providing the information requested.

Information about Due-date, submitting assignment and Grading is at the end of this assignment document.

ESSAY OUTLINE ALL parts are required.

Outline is based on the Grading Rubric to indicate the information required and graded in each paragraph.

Paragraph 1:Introduction.Requires your knowledge of the theme and some information about the artwork. Mostly your own ideas – not from other sources. USE THE RUBRIC for information and order in paragraph.

State your purpose for writing this paper making a general statement about the theme of Art and Science (STEM)including ch. 4.4.

Name the artwork you have chosen (by title).REMEMBER correct art title formatting.

Explain your first ideas about how the artwork fits the theme of Art and Science.

Paragraph 2:Formal Analysis 1 of the overall artwork. Requires observation of the artwork, and some research to complete label information and to explain materials and processes. USE RUBRIC.

State full label information (artist’s name, title, date made, materials and measurements).

Name theart form, and the general style of the artwork.

Identify the general subject type followed by a short description of the visual image.

Name and explain the basic materials and processes,may be STEM related.

Paragraph 3:Formal Analysis 2 use of the elements and principles. (Section 1 of text)

Apply a visual analysis to your selected artwork(s) by describing at the artist’s use of 3 elements and 3 principles of art in the artwork.Requires observation of the artwork. No research – your observations.

Name and describe the use of 3 different Elements and 3 different Principles.

All examples come from observed use in the artwork’s image/object.

Minimum of 3 elements and 3 principles, and they must be different.

Do not do 3 different kinds of Line, for example.


IMPORTANT NOTES before Outline continues:

REQUIRED in P4, 5, 6 – in-text citations, at least one per paragraph. May be more. You must quote or paraphrase research sources and give an MLA formatted in-text citation in that paragraph. A full citation for the source must also be included in the Bibliography.

TIME PERIOD NOTE for Stylistic and all Contextual modes.

10-year time period only. Start with year artwork was made, and go back 10 years. Do not go past date artwork was made. Nothing after the artwork is finished is relevant to this essay. EXAMPLE: If the artwork was made in 1990, the time period is 1980 to 1990.Stop at 1990.

OUTLINE CONTINUES on the next page.

Paragraph 4:Stylistic Analysis of artwork based on the stylistic art world context during the 10-year time period in which it was created.(Chapter 1.10 in the text, p. 180).

Requires research outside the textbook and in-text citation(s).

USE RUBRIC for specific items to include in this paragraph.

State the years of the 10-year time period – from 10 years before to date made.

What does the artwork of named time period look like? Include common art forms, style(s), subjects, and materials used in artworks of this time period.

Name any 2 major art movements and/or period styles of the time.

Place the artwork in this context. How does it fit into, or not fit into, this context?

Paragraph 5:WriteanHistorical/Societal Context Analysisto give the reader a sense of the time, place and world where the art work was made and presented. (Ch.1.10,p.185)

Requires research outside the textbook and in-text citation(s).

USE RUBRIC for specific items to include in this paragraph.

State when and where was the artwork made. Be specific.

What is the historical/societal context of that time and place?Give any relevant local, national or world events that are important part of that environment (context). May include STEM events or advances too.

Place the artwork in this context? How does it fit into, or not fit into, this context?

Paragraph 6: Thematic Analysis. Describe the thematic context and place the artwork analyzed in that context.Requires research outside the textbook and in-text citation(s).

Use RUBRIC for specific information needed.

Name 2-3 STEM fields important in the 10-year time period for this artwork.

Identify the specific STEM field(s) related to this artwork.

Describe/explain how this artwork demonstrates the interface and collaboration of visual art and STEM.

Paragraph 7:Conclusion(Do not include new information in this paragraph.)

USE RUBRIC as your guide. No in-text notes needed.

Did you enjoy the artwork visually? Intellectually?

Have your initial responses changed or not? (Based on your ideas from P1.)

Do you think the artwork (and artist) succeeds as a collaboration of art and STEM?

State your final thoughts about this artwork and the overall theme of Art and Science.

8 Bibliography/Works Cited: Must be MLA formatted.REQUIRED

Minimum (no less than) 3 research sources.

GATEWAYS MAY be used as a source. MUST have at least 2 other sources.

ONLY 1 encyclopedia article. FYI: Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.

Place on the NEXT page after end of the Essay.

Include all cited research sources AND any source that you used that provided

significant information, even if you did not quote or paraphrase that source.

ANY quotation or paraphrase MUST have an in-text citation in the paragraph AND a full citation in the Bibliography.

9 – IMAGE of focus artwork required with label information. REQUIRED at least 1 image of the artwork(s) analyzed.If more than one, then an image of each artwork discussed.


Writing Guidelines, Due date information, and Grading information.

WRITE the paper outside of eCampus in a WORD document.

Proof and edit BEFORE you submit. Compress images too.


Style Guidelines for Writing the Paper:

File type: Must be a WORD document. No other file type will be accepted.

Length:2 pages minimum, 6 paragraphs minimum, may be 7 if needed.

Font Size: 12 point, standard fonts only.

SPACING:Double space the essay and bibliography. (Header may be single space.)

Use a header for your name, title of paper, and coursename/number. No cover page.

DO NOT use the following – result in grade deductions for incorrect formatting.


NO highlighting, NO shading, NO colored text.

NO bullets, no numbered lists, AND NO borders or other decorations.

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