Applied Behavioral Analysis

To help you successfully complete your assignment this week, review the documents provided here. They will be attached I will have them uploaded

· Review the Annotated Bibliography Worksheet [DOCX]. You will need to use this worksheet when writing your assignment.

· Read the Recognizing Assignment Expectations Implied by Key Verbs [PDF]. It will help you better understand the rubrics used to grade your assignments throughout your program.

It is important to become familiar with the literature in your specialization area, so you understand what is known and how we know it. Of course, in order to become familiar with the literature, you need to be able to find resources and evaluate them—hence the need for library skills. Do you know which journals are most highly regarded in your specialization? Do you know how to use keywords effectively when searching or how to read an article and find the most important information to summarize? These are all skills you need, not just for the courses you will take here at Capella, but you will also need them when you enter your field and throughout your career.

Note: We encourage you to keep an annotated bibliography for each course you take at Capella. Keeping a record of the articles you have found can help you build a reference list that you can continue to refer to throughout your program, for your capstone, and in your career.


Complete the following if you have not already:

1. Determine a research question from your specialization.

2. Determine keywords and conduct a search of the most appropriate Capella University Library databases to find relevant, scholarly articles.

3. Choose 3–4 peer-reviewed, scholarly articles related to your research question.

4. Review the Annotated Bibliography Worksheet [DOCX], which you will use to write your assignment.


For your assignment, summarize the topic investigation you have done, including the following:

· Research Question Based on Professional Interest.

o Explain how your research question relates to your specialization and professional interests.

· Keywords.

o List the keywords you used for the searches you conducted in the scholarly databases, and explain your reasoning behind the choices you made. Describe the results you achieved.

· Evaluation of Sources.

o List and explain the criteria you used to evaluate the reliability, validity, and credibility of each articles you selected, including:

o The article was published in the last 5–7 years.

o The article included a literature review, methodology, and results.

o The article was peer-reviewed.

· Sources.

o Summarize at least three, but no more than four, scholarly sources that address your topic and research question within a psychology specialization in an annotated bibliography that includes:

o A summary of each article. Each summary should be approximately one paragraph consisting of 3–5 sentences. In your summary, focus on providing high-level information rather than the details. Include information from the conclusion of the article and how it is relevant to your research topic.

o The APA citation for each article. For example: Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodicalvolume number(issue number), pages. If available, include doi information.

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