Application of the Belmont Principles

Application of the Belmont Principles

First, identify your research topic, including the key concepts you hope to investigate, any relationship you will look for between or among them—if anticipating a quantitative study—and who you anticipate as the target population.

RESEARCH TOPIC: Application of The Cognitive Psychology in Mental Illness or Trauma

Then, briefly identify how you would apply the three Belmont principles (beneficence, justice, and respect for persons) when you conduct your study.

Your post will be assessed based on the following:

· A thorough and high-quality post will apply one or more of the Belmont principles to all of the following elements of a research design:

o How one samples and recruits participants.

o How one collects data from those participants.

o How one manages, organizes, and conducts analyses of the data.

o How one reports the findings.

· An acceptable but lower quality post will apply at least one of the Belmont Principles to at least two of the design elements.

· A low-quality post will apply a Belmont principle to only one design element.

· An unacceptable post will not apply any Belmont principles to any design elements.

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