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For this assignment, choose 2 from the 3 questions. only need to answer 1 question!!!

Word count: 200. Need to mark the question number.

1) For this lab, search the internet for an archaeological site that interests you. Write 1/2-1 page discussing what type of site is it (quarry, city, burial, etc…) and why you selected this particular site? Be sure to provide the url web page link in your written assignment.

2. ) For this lab, look around at various web galleries from the UOMNCH website and select two artifacts, features, or ecofacts. Describe what they are, how archaeologists have analyzed them, and what types of inferences (if any) researchers have made to the associated archaeological sites?

3. )For this lab, use Google earth to locate an archaeological site and write-up what you can tell based on the birds-eye view of the site. If you use the SAT link webpage, be sure to provide the country and name of the site. You can use the desktop download, streaming web client, or mobile application to view Google earth. There is a link with a list of countries and archaeological sites that will take you to different sites around the world.

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