Answering reading questions

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Reading: Jane Martin’s Educated Person


Martin, Jane (1981). The ideal of the educated person. Educational theory. Vol. 1 (2). University of Illinois.


Read the following article. When you are finished, respond to the comprehension questions below the excerpt, respond to the discussion questions, and comment on another student’s response.

the educated person

Comprehension Questions:

  1. What is R.S. Peters’ ideal of education? In quick summations, what does Jane Martin not like about it?
  2. What does Martin mean that education is an initiation into a “male cognitive perspective”?
  3. How is the subject of history an initiation into a male cognitive perspective?
  4. What are “genderized traits”? Provide an example. How does Martin use education as an example?
  5. What is a double bind? How is education a double-bind for women?
  6. Martin believes that Peters’ ideal of education also does harm to men. How?
  7. What solutions does Martin recommend for the problems she identifies?

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