answer these 3 questions below and reply to discussion post reply to jennifer peirson and jennifer riche

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• What style of leadership do you work best under?

• What leadership style best describes your present or former managers?

• Why is it important for nurse managers to have a clear understanding of their predominant leadership style?

Jennifer Pierson- Module 5 Discussion

What style of leadership do you work best under?

There are different leadership styles that work with different personalities. I personally feel that I work best under a leader with transformational leadership traits. Transformational leaders use motivation to inspire the staffs’ involvement and dedication to the unit or organization (Sullivan, 2012). Each shift is different in the ICU from day to day. Having a leader who is encouraging, willing to jump in and help out when there is chaos, and motivating in stressful times is very important in maintaining staff morale. I find that staff that are happy and vested in their units work harder and are more willing to help out their coworkers when needed. When I know that I have positive backup and support, I am happier to report to work.

What leadership style best describes your present or former managers?

Currently, my unit runs with one director and two managers. The two managers have very distinct job roles but are also cross-trained to perform each other’s duties when needed. It appears that my current managers use a form of shared leadership. Shared leadership focuses on the idea that not only one person can do the job effectively (Sullivan, 2012). My managers are co-leaders in the management role, one focuses mainly on the operational aspects of the unit, and the other on the clinical practice of the unit. They are also big supporters of staff involvement in shared governance. This type of leadership works well for our department. Each manager is an expert in their particular area and staff know who to go to for specific issues. They are knowledgeable in the other managers’ expertise as well, so can cover any situations when that manager in not available. They have very different personalities but work very well together as a management team.

Why is it important for nurse managers to have a clear understanding of their predominant leadership style?

It is important for nurse managers to know their predominant leadership style because by understanding how they interact with people will allow them an opportunity to use their strengths in managing their staff. If a manager knows that they use a transformational leadership style then they are comfortable motivating their staff to pursue further education and/ or certifications. A more educated staff is extremely valuable to the unit and are more motivated to perform a higher quality of care. By knowing their particular leadership style, a manager also is given an opportunity to discover what their weaknesses are, and how to overcome them. If the manager is better at delegating and has a difficult time just conversing, staff may see them as cold and not a part of the team, they are just the boss. Staff need to be engaged, motivated, and feel as though management is a part of the team, not just dictators. This is an opportunity for managers to work on their personal skills, get to know their staff, which will elevate the staff morale and sense of teamwork. Leaders that can adapt between different types of leadership styles are often more likely to meet chosen goals or outcomes more effectively than prescribing to only one style of leadership.


Sullivan, E. (2012). Effective leadership and management in nursing (8th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice-Hall.

Jennifer riche

1. I work best under any leadership that has the knowledge, experience, and gumption to lead a busy ER/Trauma center. My current Director is a transformational leader which works well. Transformational leadership “focuses on merging the motives, desires, values, and goals of leaders and followers into a common cause” (Sullivan, 2013, p43).

2. My current Director is a transformational leader. She is very good at getting everyone on the same page. She states she feels that by including everyone, each individual would feel he or she is a part of a team. She also says it is important to delegate things that she can, giving people jobs in which they will do well.

3. Knowing a particular leadership style, a nurse manager almost has a road map for managing. If there were a question of how to handle an issue, the manager has a basis for which to make a decision. I think about if I were to become a manager, I am not sure I would pattern myself after any particular style. I know how I think and what I would expect from staff, but I am not sure I would fit into any particular category.

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