Answer the following questions below in two complete, yet concise essays. in 5 pages

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Please answer TWO of
the following three questions below in two complete, yet concise
essays.Be sure to answer all parts of the question.Double space and use
an appropriate font and margins.Use quotes from and citations to the
documents we have read in class when appropriate.Write in formal
academic English.You will be graded on both your content and your prose
and each answer is worth 200 points.

  • “Perikles’ Funeral Oration,” The Lysistrata, and Plato’s Apology
    must all be seen in the context of the Peloponnesian War and its
    aftermath.How is each document a reaction to the war? How might they
    relate to or be different from one another?What might explain any
  • You have read secondary articles on
    Alexander the Great by Blunt, Heckel, and Badian.Describe and assess
    their arguments?Be sure to take into account the primary sources by
    Arrian, Plutarch, and those in Dillon and Garland, chapter 15 that you
    have read and how each of the modern authors uses them.
  • you should use the documents that i attached and also you can use resources from outside.

you can use for question 1


and you can use for question 2

Alexander the Great,Heckel,brunt,badian,

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