answer each of the questions below writing about 5 8 pages in total double spaced 12pt font 1

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Answer each of the questions below writing about 5-8 pages in total (double-spaced, 12pt font). Be as complete and concise as possible. Avoid redundancy, and do not preface your answers with superfluous introductory remarks. In each of your responses, simply answer the exact question (or questions) asked.

  1. Analyze and explain Avicenna’s account of perceptual experience. What cognitive systems does Avicenna posit in order to explain perceptual experience? What aspects of perceptual experience are these various cognitive systems supposed to account for? How, on Avicenna’s the- ory, do our perceptual experiences differ from those of non-rational animals? [70 points]
  2. In chapter 2 of the “Psychology” section of Deliverance, Avicenna arguesagainst the ‘extramission theory’ of vision and for the ‘intromission theory’ of vision. Analyze this argument. Start by briefly stating what the extra- and intromission theories are. Then explain the relevant passage’s argument-structure: What are the premises of the argument? What is the conclusion? What are the intermediate steps (i.e. how does Avicenna proceed from premises to conclusion)?

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