answer all question 2

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Downstream Documentary

Gina Catanzarite

1. What are four metals/metalloids being deposited into the river daily? (2 points)

2. How does climate change contribute to the quality of water declining? (1 point)

3. What do we call solid ground surfaces over which water moves quickly, contributing to water pollution and flooding? (2 points)

4. Where does water (ex: river water) eventually end up? (1 point)

5. Name three threats to clean water. (3 points)

6. What is “dead” water? (1 point)

7. What species of fish is considered the canary in the coal mine and are an indicator of poor water quality? (1 point)

8. What did I mention we often take for granted when it comes to environmental sampling and data collecting? (Think of the electrofishing you saw in this documentary.) (1 point)

9. What is a watershed? (1 point)

10. In what year was coal mining finally regulated? (1 point)

11. Spoil piles (pilings or tailings) from abandoned mines wash into nearby water. Why is this a concern? (1 point)

12. What is the most polluted river in the U.S.? (1 point)

13. Rivers are “not a closed system.” Why is this good and bad for how we rationalize water pollution and the behaviors which contribute to it? (2 points)

14. Why is nutrient pollution a concern in waterways? (1 point)

15. Which river is the largest contributor of fresh water to the Chesapeake Bay? (1 point)

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