Analyze two apps: Instagram and Pinterest

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I’m not going to include the PDF file, since you already have it.

In this assignment, you will analyze two habit forming products. Instagram and Pinterest.

For each product (2-4 pages), identify & analyze the following steps from Nir Eyal’s book: Hooked.

1.Trigger (internal and external)

Lastly, compare the habit-forming nature and design of both products (1-2 pages): similarities, differences, improvements, ethical issues, why you prefer one over the other?

  • Logistics:
    12 point font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, Standard (default margins)
    Microsoft Word files only.
  • Feel free to write more than the range indicated, zero penalty for going over.
  • Feel free to include screenshots and images (they will not count towards the word limit, however).
  • Between 7-8 pages

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