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As you work on the analytical report (AR), please share the below in a well-written, descriptive post (around 150-200 words):

What is the context of your report — is it based on a real or “semi-“hypothetical situation?

Why did you choose this topic, and does it relate to you in any way?

What is going to be a major challenge for you in this assignment, and are you considering another topic as insurance (in case you’re not able to find enough information)?

To make this a “cascading” discussion, please begin your post by responding to the last person who posted, then answering the questions. The first person to post will not have anyone to respond to, and I will respond to the last person. Your response would be feedback and/or support based on what the individual before you has posted. Read a few other posts and feel free to hit the “Like” icon on more than one.

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