analysis of the financial health

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For companies Target and Costco. Find the following information.
a. Record the following weekly market activity for the company’s stock for the previous year (any day such as Friday, Monday etc.). Make sure to record:
i. Closing price
ii. One source:search online for yahoo finance, click on quotes & info, type in your company name – follow instructions on web page, click on search, click on historical data, click on daily – change to weekly, click on apply, get close price.
iii. Analyze, evaluate, and discuss the information
b. List the total of Property, Plant, and Equipment
i. List the total of all assets and total of current assets.
ii. Identify the method or methods used by your company to value the inventories.
1. List the total dollar value of the inventory.
2. Compute the percentage of inventories to total assets.
c. List the Cost of Goods Sold and the Gross Profit.
i. Calculate the percentage of Cost of Goods Sold to Net Sales and the percentage of Gross Profit to Net Sales.
d. Analyze/assess/discuss your findings

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