Analyse Risk, Return and Market Efficiency

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Write an assessment in which you address the following problems/questions:

  1. Evaluate the leverage implications of debt financing choices. You should include in your discussion the decomposition of ROE model. There are also some graphical analyses that should be used in showing the leverage implications for EPS. You should develop some numerical illustrations to argue your points.
  2. Critique the capital structure theory by explaining the conditions with and without taxes as well as the implications of bankruptcy costs. There should be the development of graphical illustrations of the arguments. Include a discussion of signaling theory, the constraining managers’ theory, the pecking order hypotheses, and the windows of opportunity theory.
  3. Compare and contrast the actual debt choices that firms tend to make, including how the choices seem to adjust across industries. Describe why you believe that some industries make use of a lot of debt, while others use very little.

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