American State and Local Politics

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A privately owned island off the coast of Florida has been left to you by
the eccentric owner who recently died. The island is large enough for several
small communities to be developed. You want to start off on the right foot by
establishing a local government, a judicial system, and a law enforcement
system. The only stipulation is that you cannot be the dictator of the island.

For the Unit V Mini Project, you will describe the following points:

  • the type of local government you would establish (e.g., county, city),
  • the form of that government (e.g., township, municipal charter),
  • the management system (e.g., commission, mayor, council),
  • how leadership positions would be instated (e.g., appointment, election),
  • the type of law enforcement and judicial system you would put into place,
  • your rehabilitation system for any criminal offender.

You can mix and match your government, judicial, and law enforcement
decisions, but you must fully explain the reasons why you chose the types of
systems. You must also address how your government would work with other
governments/agencies and in what ways.

Your mini project must be at least two full pages in length, not including
your title page and reference page. In addition to the title page and reference page, be sure to follow all other APA formatting standards (Times
New Roman, 12-point font; double spacing; running head; and 1-inch margins).

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