AHS 7615 week 2 discussion

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After reading the assigned chapters in your text, and the article: Comparative Views on the Role and Effect of Faith in Social Services.

Please explain how ‘faith’ is an appropriate response to human needs. What are the benefits and challenges of ‘faith’ as an appropriate response to human needs? Do you believe that the benefits outweigh the challenges that you discussed? Why or why not?


Comparative Case Studies of Faith-based and Secular Service Agencies (Links to an external site.)

discusses the role and effect of ‘faith’ in social services. By: Steven Rathgeb Smith – University of Washington, John P. Bartkowski – Mississippi State University & Susan Grettenberger – Central Michigan University

(Links to an external site.)

Faith-Based and Secular Humanitarian Organizations (Links to an external site.)

shares an international perspective about faith-based vs. secular social services. By: Elizabeth Ferris, 2005.

The Role of Faith Based Organizations in the Social Welfare System (Links to an external site.)

is based on the Spring Research Forum. Its goal is to provide an engaging overview of the issues and of what researchers understand about the role of faith-based organizations in human service delivery.

Faith-based vs Secular (Links to an external site.)

discusses the effectiveness of services provided by faith-based organizations compared to services provided by secular organizations (ie. for-profit service providers). By: Mark Ragan, Senior Fellow, Rockefeller Institute of Government & Data Analysis by Craig Abbey, 2004

Comparative Views on the Role and Effect of Faith in Social Services (Links to an external site.)

contains a Powerpoint presentation that compares faith-based and secular service agencies. By: John Bartkowski, Susan Grettenberger, Leda Hall, & Steven Rathgeb Smith

Where’s the Religion – Distinguishing Faith-Based from Secular Social Service Agencies: (Links to an external site.)

outlines the differences between faith-based and secular social services, utilizing data that compares the organizational characteristics of faith-based and secular agencies that provide services to the homeless in Houston, Texas. By: Helen Rose Ebaugh, Paula F. Pipes, Janet Saltzman Chafetz, & Martha Daniels, 2003.

Video:Video: The Difference Between Secular and Faith-Based Organizations (Links to an external site.)
Minimize Video

This video contains a clip of Duncan MacLaren describing an international perspective on the differences between secular and faith-based organizations. Duncan MacLaren, originally from Scotland, is the former Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis. He currently lectures at the Australian Catholic University on Catholic approaches to humanitarian and development work. He also coordinates ACU’s Refugee Program on the Thai-Burma border, which offers university education to Burmese refugees in camps in Thailand.


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