ageism happens to those who are young and old, Discussion Help Social Science

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Can someone please help me with good replies to the below two answers:


I believe ageism happens to those who are young and old. For example, if there is a young manager people feel they do not have enough experience. Another example for the workplace would be an older person, many people believe they are not as efficient at their job because they are older. I also believe ageism happens when an older person enrolls in higher education such as college. They are many factors to discrimitation against older people. For a work place, they are unable to keep up with a younger worker. For many companies, they are looking for a specific profile. What I mean by that is a chain restaurant is not going to hire a 50 year old server who may not be able to carry all that food and be standing long periods of time. I believe discrimination against older people should be a concern for everyone. They were all young at some point in their life and many have experience the younger generations could learn from. The other oppression I can see compare to this is sexual or religious beliefs. Manny people will not get hired because of their sexuality. Just recently there was a transexual walk into a restaurant. She wanted to be seated away from everyone, everyone was pointing and laughing. I went over and began talking to her, she has a story to tell like we all do. However.I feel that if she were to apply for a job and be interviewed, she would not be considered for the job based on looks even if she were extremely qualified.  


Ageism is perpetuated in our society in a negative way, especially in the workplace.  Older individuals are looked at as slower to learn new concepts, years of highly developed opinions (unwillingness to hear new ideas), and that their medical issues impact attendance and productivity.

One underlying factor that comes to mind is that older individuals are looked upon as vulnerable and weak, so they have become an easy target.

Ageism causes a deficit in the opportunity costs of utilizing older people for their wealth of knowledge.  Some younger folk view the words of our golden citizens as useless rhetoric, instead of viewing their attempted tutelage as an opportunity to learn something of value. This knowledge, in my opinion, is priceless.

We will eventually be, if we’re not already there, at that same crossroad in our life. If we can change the views that some have when it comes to ageism, it will better the perception for all.

When it is viewed by the workplace that older individuals are slow to learn new concepts, they are unfairly alienated by their co-workers.  It is my opinion that this is a form of oppression.

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