Advanced Laser Clinics Negotiation and Business, assignment help

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Read the following background and scenario for Advanced Laser Clinics.
Answer the following questions while incorporating information from the
module materials.

Ryan, E. Advanced Laser Clinics Retrieved from: Harvard Business Publishing Newsletters

  • Ryan is clearly in a difficult situation. She just started at a new
    company and is already contending with conflict. As she prepares for
    her difficult conversation with Gretchen, she is mindful of the fact
    that there will be a power differential between her and Gretchen. Why is
    power important to negotiations and this situation? What is the source
    of power that Ryan holds? Why?
  • When preparing for a difficult conversation, particularly when
    there is a power differential, it is important to practice or rehearse
    how you will open the conversation. Based on the facts, put yourself in
    Ryan’s shoes and compose a paragraph that you would state to Gretchen to
    start the conversation.
  • Another key factor in having a difficult conversation is preparing
    by having a list of questions ready for the other party. Prepare 5
    questions for Ryan to ask Gretchen during the course of their
  • Ethics plays an important role in all aspects of negotiation and
    conflict resolution. Identify at least 3 ethical situations that are
    present or could arise based on the scenario. Explain why each issue is
    problematic and provide a way of either resolving or preventing it.

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