Addressing Health Equity and the Social Determinants of Health

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides funding to numerous communities and organizations as well as state and local governments to implement programs that aim to eliminate health disparities. These programs often focus on policy-, systems-, and environmental-change approaches to address health equity and social determinants of health.

This assignment has two parts. Research the CDC Web site (, and then respond to the tasks in both parts.

Part 1: The Program

  • Select a program in a given state that is funded by the CDC.
  • Discuss the following aspects of the program:
    • Goals of the program. Make sure you include how the programs’ goals relate to health disparities.
    • Location of the program.
    • Number of grantees funded by the program.

Part 2: Grantee

  • Name a grantee that is funded by the program you have described.
  • Describe the grantees’ health focus.
  • Do the grantees target any specific populations? Provide appropriate reasons for your answer.
  • Describe the program’s strategies to eliminate disparities.
  • What type of policies is the program aiming to achieve? Why? Provide appropriate reasons for your answer.
  • Describe and explain the social determinants of health that are of interest to the program and why.

Write your initial response in approximately 300 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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