Aboriginal History

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Indigenous response to Government policies

1.The removal of children – 

2. a matter of Aboriginal identity. 200 word introduction and 300 word each for two article summaries

Write an Introduction for a Victorian Aboriginal history mini-poster and summaries of two peer-reviewed


The overall task [encompassing Tasks 1 & 2] is to research a Victorian Aboriginal history (1800-1900) topic

[from the list of lecture topics in your course description, or another topic negotiated with your lecturer] and

present a scholarly mini-poster or Educational Activity for a practical purpose that is relevant to historical

inquiry, cultural heritage, conservation/preservation, psychology, cultural heritage tourism, welfare and/or


The mini-poster may be adapted from one that already exists, or one that you design yourself. You are

expected to read, as a starting point, the relevant pages/chapter from the prescribed text.

Assessment Task 1 specifically requires you to begin to develop a Victorian Aboriginal history mini-poster by

writing and editing an Introduction to your mini-poster (200 words), supplying some visual images with titles

and citations (maps, photos/artwork) and writing, drafting and editing summaries of two peer-reviewed

articles/book chapters (300 words per summary).  All in total 800 words


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