a system must recognize human safety and security assignment help

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I’m in a group research team and one of our members was unable to complete their part of the research. They were supposed to write about the advantages and disadvantages of a society where there is a a high level of automation. Below is a list of some of the disadvantages and advantages they would have talked about. I’m offering 20$ for a paper that is at least 1000 words long. Let me know if this sounds do-able for you.

A system must recognize human safety and security
Automation needs to follow the same methodology as a human
Attacks are growing to target networked computers
The program can be very hard to debug
Automation is a state-machine driven repair system
– Advantages
– Make workflow more efficient and reduce error.
– the non-tiredness of automation
– The use of automation in healthcare.
– Relationships of Human-Automation Interaction Consequences on Pilots.
– it provides a highly security in a business.


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