a final term paper on any topic you choose related to virtual teams

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  • APA Format
  • Length 8 – 10 pages
  • Times New Roman 12 point font
  • 1″ margins on all sides
  • Include a cover page
  • Cite a minimum of 6 peer review sources
  • Do not rely on any previous work in this course or other classes
  • Topic must directly and clearly linked to the subject of leading and managing remote project teams

When grading the paper, if any of the above requirements are not met, then you cannot receive an ‘A’. However, meeting those requirements does not guarantee an ‘A’ on the assignment. Below are a list of items I will be focusing on when grading your paper:

  • Clarity — is the topic of the paper clearly identified and clearly communicated
  • Claims — does the paper make a clear claim or premise, and are the claims of the paper clearly supported by evidence / supporting documentation or citations
  • Paper organization — is the paper well organized and formatted
  • Grammar — is the paper free of grammatical errors
  • Relevance — is the topic of the paper clearly relevant and linked to managing and leading remote project teams


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