A criticism of the pragmatic theory of truth is that it cannot discriminate between 1 .

Please select True or False for this questions from 1-12

The following T / F statements refer tochapter V10 . A criticism of the pragmatic theory of truthis that it cannot discriminate between1 . People might disguise the truth eithercompeting_hypothesessuchas ,intentionally or unintentionally ." mischievous spirits are causing our crops toFail " and " poor soil and too little rain are*2. Testimony that is disadvantageous to itscausing our crops to fail . "\source is generally more reliable than thatwhich is favorable to it’s source .Answer A for FALSE CAUSE ; B for JUMPING TO3 . If one offers that you can verify his testimonyCONCLUSIONS ; C for APPEAL TO EMOTION ;by " looking it up " if you like , that is a goodD for AD HOMINEM ; E for CIRCULARindication that the testimony is reliable .REASONING4 . If the truth of some testimony is important tous then we ought to trust the " common11 . 1 , who am probably in danger of my life , willknowledge " of the matter .do none of these things . The contrast mayoccur to leach juror’s ] mind , and he may5 . We can choose which statements webe set against me , and vote in angerbelieve to be true , and which statementsbecause he is displeased at me on thisWe believe to be false .account . Now if there be such a personamong you – mind I do not say that thereis – to him I may fairly reply : My friend , I ama man , and like other men , a creature ofThe following T / F statements refer to ourflesh and blood , and not " of wood anddefinitions ( notes ) of " truth . "stone " as Homer says ; and I have a family .yes , and sons , O Athenians , three in5 . The correspondence theory of truth finds ofnumber , one almost a man , and two othersstatement to be true if it yields practicalwho are still young ; and yet I will not bringconsequences .any of them here to petition you for7 ." All triangles have three sides" can beacquittal .verified as true by the correspondence- – Plato , Apology , 34 ; Jowett translationtheory .8 . If one finds a statement to be true by the12 . Nietzschewaspersonallymorecoherence theory of truth , then everyonephilosophical than his philosophy . His talkwill find it true by that theory .about power , harshness , and superbimmorality was the hobby of a harmless9. The pragmatic theory of truth holds astatement to be true if it is implied by otheryoung scholar and constitutional invalid .\statements already believed to be true .- George Santayana , Egotism in GermanPhilosophy

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