A Case Study for LinkedIn

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Case 9: LinkedIn – Networking for Career Opportunities PAGES C-19,20

Please read Chapter 9 in your textbook followed by the Case Study on PAGE C-19,20 at the end of the textbook, Cases for Critical Thinking. My goal in this course is to bridge the gap from the academic world to the real world of business.

The assignment includes the following:

  1. Read over all chapters within the module
  2. Read the assigned case study
  3. Expand on current events as it relates to the case study (cite reference)
  4. Answer the four case study questions (will require additional research)
  5. Present your recommendations and suggestions based on what you’ve learned from the module
  6. Project future outlook of case study

google drive link to the book:


4. Case study Questions:


What type of corporate culture would you expect to find at LinkedIn? If you were to visit the firm’s headquarters, what do you think you would see and hear around you as the observable culture? How about core val- ues, what would you expect to be high on LinkedIn’s list of priority values? Why?


How has innovation by LinkedIn transformed the playing field for recruiters and hiring managers . . . and for job candidates? Is this an example of a disruptive innova- tion? Why or why not? What value can LinkedIn offer you?


Consider yourself a gamer. Also consider yourself the go-to “idea person” for friends that head two local organizations a fire department and a public library. Both complain about morale problems and ask you for advice on creating a positive organiza- tional culture. They want to know how your interest in gaming can be used to improve staff morale and performance. What will you suggest and why?


There’s lots of public information available on LinkedIn, from its founding story to current performance. Study the company’s his- tory and current directions. Find out how it is handling competition. Check current statements to identify values, goals, and accomplishments. Then, prepare a summary report. Is this still the lead innovator and company to beat in the industry? Or, is LinkedIn’s time starting to pass, and alternatives from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others will be the hot choices for the future?


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