8 pages paper about a technology

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(APA format)

Watch the video carefully:

Use concepts in the readings to analysis it (see reading lists)

Describe your video and transcribe it


  • Use an initial for each speaker/actor and leave space between the speaker/actor identification and their utterances/actions (use tabs to align your text)
  • Number the transcript at the left hand margin

– You can number by TURN

  • To analysis the video, apply concepts discussed in the class
    • Do not try to force the concepts. At the same time make sure not to oversee an obvious application of a concept
    • Before applying the concept, provide a definition or explanation of the concept
    • If the way you are using the concept is not canonical, explain
  • Back up every claim with evidence
    • Always provide examples for what you are arguing for
    • Assume that your reader is not familiar with
  • Organize your paper
    • (Abstract)
    • Introduction (introduce the topic of the paper, describe your setting)
    • Analysis (discuss method), provide your transcript and any other material you are analyzing, connect your analysis with the concept you are focusing on
    • (Discussion)
    • Conclusion

    Please use simple words.


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