7-2 Final Project Submission: Case Analysis Portfolio

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To be an effective criminal justice practitioner, one must understand the evolution of criminal law and the criminal justice system. One needs to know not only
how a criminal statute is developed but also how it applies in the field. It is vital that an awareness exists of all aspects of criminal law—including how to conduct
a proper arrest, how to use emerging technology in conducting investigations, how U.S. Supreme Court rulings are applied, and how case preparation is done.
One must be cognizant of the available defenses as well as the criminal states of mind. Although there are many opportunities within the criminal justice field,
the tie that binds them is criminal law, and a solid comprehension is a necessity for success.
The final project for this course will allow you to see yourself in a range of criminal justice practitioner roles. Each position will require you to address different
issues and concerns indicative of that area of criminal justice—some requiring research, others requiring you to apply methods of inquiry, all leading to the
creation of a case analysis portfolio.


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