6-7 “Analytical research” paper for college ENG

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So, I previously asked one of tutors here and he made epic fail.

Now that I only have so little time, I’m throwing out an idea that I used for speech class.

It’s an ‘analytical research’ paper which means, there’s a specific question to answer using credible sources and personal analysis on those to verify the problem and suggest the solution.

So the paper will use problem-solution structure.

By requirement, 5 sources are used of which 3 should be credible sources.

I’d like to assure the structure of body paragraph:

Topic sentence- backing source- brief summary of the source using in-text citation- personal analysis on the source(take-away for the thesis&topic sentence)- brief wrap-up of topic sentence- transition to next paragraph.

“Attached files are assignment, sample paper, example of paper structure, my paper you can use as back-bone(thesis,body,sources included), brief analysis on sources.

You can use what I offer to develop research paper using my sources or of your own. You can also modify/specify thesis for higher quality of paper.

IF YOU CAN’T WRITE ‘A grade paper’ in given time, step back.

Paper is due 11th JAN, midnight EST. so, hours before midnight will be preferred.

—————–little words from instructor————

First, let’s discuss what the assignment is not. This paper is not a persuasive essay, and it should not be emotionally driven. While the paper must possess a thesis (opinion), the thesis should be based upon reliable and reasonable conclusions.

An analytical research paper is similar to an experiment, starting with a hypothesis (question in our case). However, instead of conducting a scientific experiment to come to a conclusion, we do research, and base the conclusion on the reliable evidence that has been accumulated.


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