5 paragraph essay

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Please read all of the information prior to writing the paper. Write five (5) paragraphs providing descriptive information. The first paragraph is an overview of the paper to include details about: nutrition, exercise/ activity and hereditary factors.

The second paragraph should describe your nutritional choices AND ANALYSIS {seven}

-caloric intake related to BMR (hw assignment- basal metabolic rate) , BMR 60-75% metabolism

-carbohydrate intake
-protein intake
-fat intake
-saturated versus unsaturated fat intake
-vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, K intake
-calcium, potassium, and sodium intake [minerals]

The third paragraph should describe your exercise/activities concepts: {six}
-fitness testing results- what is the area that your highest rating (1) and the area of fitness which needs the most improvement rating (2) -what is your expected lifetime activity/ exercise
-what exercise in the weight training activity in class have you experienced the most increase opinion
-how has your movement changed since the start of class better/ worse, movement ’language’
-what can you do to increase the amount of steps you take every day how can you move MORE?

The fourth paragraph should describe your HEREDITARY predispositions for genetic diseases: {

adopted for appropriate sections AND provide details where you need to

-what are ANY hereditary diseases your parents [maternal-1/ paternal-2]
-what are ANY hereditary diseases your grandparents [maternal-1/ paternal-2] or other ‘blood’ relatives have/had -do your CURRENT diet [1] and exercise/ activity [2] habits increase or decrease your risks

write you are

The fifth paragraph is the conclusion for the paper about FUTURE (and hypothetical): nutrition, exercise/ activity and hereditary behaviors.

BONUS: List a minimum of four WELLNESS goals you will pursue as you leave this course {up to 4 points}.WRITE- “I will ____.” [Specific- Measureable- Acceptable- Realistic- Time Specific- Self- Determined]

DATA GATHERING STEPS from some other person:

INTERVIEW OF FAMILY MEMBER: Interview two family relatives or individuals who have been influential in your life to gather the following information to determine your potential to develop diseases that could be life-threatening and/or life-limiting (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, etc.). You will use this information, along with your personal dietary


IF YOU ARE ADOPTED- A- use what you know about biological parents; B- use your adoptive parents; C-


and lifestyle behaviors to evaluate your potential for development of these diseases and to develop a dietary and lifestyle action plan for the future as you complete this course.

Consider the following questions:
Current age of relatives or influential individuals

Age(s) at death, or current age, of close relatives (i.e. parents, grandparents, etc.) or individuals
What diseases and causes of death have been experienced by this “side- maternal or paternal” of your family?


Do/did they eat any of the following?

Whole grains or processed bread and cereal Vegetables

Types of meat (beef, chicken, turkey, fish) and frequency of consumption of these and eggs per week. ANALYSIS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND LIFESTYLE HABITS OF FAMILY MEMBER

What is/was the occupation of these relatives or individuals? What types and amount of physical activity does/did this require?
Do/did they engage in any recreational exercise? If so, what activities do/did they perform?
Did they engage in organized exercise? What type of exercise did they perform? How long were their exercise sessions?

Do/did they smoke? If so, how many packs/cans per day?
Do/did they drink alcohol? If so, how many drinks per day or week?



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