5 pages paper (MLA style) do not copy

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Reading1: Cathy Davidson, “Project Classroom Makeover”

Reading2: Oliver Sacks, “The Mind’s Eye”

Oliver Sacks’s “The Mind’s Eye” is as much about the scientific and concrete question of how visual imagery relates to visual perception as it is about his attempts to understand this phenomenon: he does not simply report his findings, but takes the reader along with him as he tries to make sense of contradictory cases. He engages in what Cathy Davidson would call “self-directed” (49) learning, since he is motivated by his own curiosity about “perceptual identity” (330); he seems to be the kind of student that Davidson would appreciate. For your fourth paper, think of “The Mind’s Eye” as a demonstration of what Davidson calls “inquiry-driven problem solving” (54) and respond to the following question: How does Sacks illustrate and depict the kind of “creative thinking” (60) and “new learning paradigm” (55) that Davidson values?

new essay only need five paragraph, 1introduction, 3 body paragraphs [ each body paragraph need quotes— from “Project Classroom Makeover”, and from “The Mind’s Eye”] and 1 conclusion, like:

1paragraph: introduction (you can summary 2 essay, and answer the reading question)–do not need quote

2paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis—-need quotes

3paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis—–need quotes

4paragraph: body paragraph, use your viewpoint to support your thesis——need quotes

5 conclusion,

important : do not use other articles and authors appear in this paper And must be your work, don’t copy online


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