3 easy questions – pls follow APA writing style

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Please provide references to each. follow APA writing style. 2 pages double spacing per question. Thank you.

1. Discuss your results from Appendix A in Crucial Accountability

  • What confrontations do you typically avoid or instigate?
  • Do you use tricks to talk yourself out of speaking up or are you one who always speaks?
  • How can healthcare impact the silence-to-violence habit? What can you personally do?
  • Provide an example of a leader who does this well. (2 pages, double spacing)

2. Discuss the following about the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment.

  • Do you feel it is important to surround yourself with people who are not like you? Why or why not? What problems would you anticipate if you did so and how would you deal with them?
  • What is the most valuable item you garnered from examining your personal leadership style?
  • How can you use your strengths in your practice and as a doctorally-prepared nurse?
  • Provide an example of a nurse leader in your experience that has the most positive strengths. (2 pages, double spacing)

3. What do you think are the most important leadership characteristics that support an environment of innovation. Relate these to Kotter’s change model, particularly stages 3 & 4.

Provide an example of a leader who exemplifies these characteristics. (2 pages, double spacing)


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