2page-Analytical Essay

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Those are the two questions for the essay, I can provide you with the name of the text used for this assignment. Also, I have attached the full requirements for the assignment. The due date is Monday by midnight.

Select one of the following topics as the basis for your paper. In either case, you must
support your claims by working with the primary text and making reference to specific passages
in the text.

1. Death: Discuss Socrates’ view of death in the Apology. What is his attitude toward
death? In particular, what does he say about fearing death? How is his view here related
to his concept of wisdom? What does he consider to be the main possibilities for what
happens when we die, and why does he regard each of those as a “blessing”?

2. The law: Discuss Socrates’ view of the law in the Crito. Why does he refuse to escape
from prison? Why does he consider law-breaking to be inappropriate and unjust—what
specific arguments does he present?

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