create a job aid that can be used to support execution of a specific task on the job

Create a job aid that can be used to support execution of a specific task on the job. A job aid should be simple, contain relevant graphics and be no more than one page. [Note: In real life, some job aids are on a small card or a clip board, but others can be posters placed in a work space, or on-line pop up screens to be referenced during a transaction. The important thing is, keep it simple. This isn’t a reference manual! Just something staff can refer to on the job to remember how to perform a specific task. ]

Add a 500-700 word memo to your boss describing the new job aid and how you recommend it be deployed.

  • What is the purpose of the job aid? Why is it needed?
  • Is it going to be in paper or electronic format? How will it be distributed?
  • What type of communication and training will be needed around use of the new job aid?
  • What change management issues might arise?
  • What will employees be able to do differently now that they have the job aid and know how to use it?

Submit your recommendation and job aid as one document.

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Security professionals need to ensure that they keep up to date with the latest threats and… 1 answer below »

Question 1: Security professionals need to ensure that they keep up to date with the latest threats and security issues. This allows them to update their risk profiles, such as identifying if their systems are vulnerable. In order to determine what the risk to an organisation is, you need to know what the problems could be. In this assignment, your task is to identify a recently announced security vulnerability and write a profile of the threat. The profile should contain: 1. Name of the threat, 2. Systems it attacks, 3. How it performs its attack, 4. Mitigation strategies, 5. Discuss on the scope of the threat in terms of who could be exploiting this vulnerability (Cyber criminals or state nations), 6. Concluding reflection (100 words) on the adequacy of the mitigation strategies. Your report should be maximum 2 pages and should contain relevant tables, calculations, a ranked list of threats (in terms of impact) and conclusions. See the scoring sheet for this assignment and ensure that your report fulfils the criteria listed.


presentation 222

make a powerpoint slide. Present your research proposal and be prepared to discuss important aspects of the literature, the findings of the articles, and how you proposed to solve the controversy.

Implement a spelling checker by using a hash table. You will create a class called SpellChecker in the file SpellChecker.


writing assignment criminology assignment

Written Assignment for Unit Two 07-13-2015.docx 

Instructions to complete the writing assignment is attached. This is a re-do for me, I am just looking to get a higher grade.

reflection paper 356

One of the most controversial methods of ending job discrimination is through the concept of affirmative action. In this reflection paper assignment, discuss your feelings about the use of affirmative action in a law enforcement organization. Do you believe that affirmative action is justified or unjustified? Explain why you feel this way, and use specific examples to illustrate your point.

Your reflection paper should be three pages in length.

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personal fitness power point slideshow about heat strokes

Create a presentation (using a Microsoft Word brochure template from their website) or PowerPoint presentation.  You can go and search for brochure and PowerPoint templates.  Your brochure or PowerPoint must use colors, pictures, and address each person identified below. More information can be found on the evaluation page of this chapter. Please pretend to be all the roles listed.
1. Physicians: Make yourself an expert on the causes of heatstroke. Find out what happens to the body when it becomes severely overheated. You will investigate risk factors, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment.
2. Coaches: Make yourself an expert in heatstroke prevention. What steps must coaches take to prevent heatstroke? Prepare a list of recommended actions that coaches should take to protect athletes. 
3. Investigative Reporters: Research the backgrounds of Korey Stringer and Eraste Autin. Find out what made them special to their family, friends, coaches, and team mates. This information can be used to add emotional impact to the factual information your team will present. Find out about other instances of heat-related death. Create a survey to find out about the attitudes and experiences of local athletes regarding heat-related problems.  

After creating your brochure or power point, answer the following questions and include them and your answers on the last page of your brochure/power point/presentation and submit entire document to be graded. 

1.     What was the most surprising thing you found out?
2.     Do local experts like coaches and doctors know a lot about heatstroke?
3.     What resources were the most helpful? The least? 
4.     What could be improved about this project?

Grading—+1.5 for all 3 role descriptions, +1.5 for 3 graphics or more, #1,2,3,4 +.5 each. Please use proper spelling and capitalization and proper sentences, for every 3 errors -.1.

“You are a junior network administrator for Wingtip Toys, a medium-sized toy manufacturing company with approximately 100 employees located in…