Unit VII – Research Paper

Write a research paper that analyzes methods used to ethically manage teams and groups within organizations. In your research paper, be sure to include the following elements. 

Distinguish between a group and a team. 

Discuss ethical decision-making in team leadership that promotes social responsibility. 

Discuss leadership styles and traits that are effective for successful management of groups and teams. 

Include a discussion on any aspect of leadership covered in the course that was of particular interest to you. All topics do not need to be included; yet, followership, ethics, leadership styles, multicultural leadership, and conflicts of interest are all topics that have been studied, and any one (or more) that you found particularly interesting could be incorporated into the discussion. 

Be sure to include the rubric elements from the guidelines below.

Your introduction should engage the reader and clearly present the thesis and a summary of the main points to clarify your point of view. 

The review of the literature should present a critical analysis and synthesis of the existing research. 

The discussion should reveal insightful analysis of research. 

A summary should be present that reviews or summarizes key points and provides a smooth transition between sections. 

The writing should be clear and concise with proper sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, and it should be free from spelling errors. 

The number of academically credible sources should meet the requirements and should be properly cited, per APA standards

Unit VII – Essay

Research the BP oil spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. This event was obviously devastating to the wildlife and environment in the area and, to a certain extent, had global implications. 

Respond to the questions below in essay format-not in question-and-answer format. 

1. Did the company handle this situation correctly? Explain what it might have done differently. 

2. From an environmentalism standpoint, did agencies handle this correctly? Explain your rationale. 

3. How did the state government and federal government react? Are there additional public policies in place now to address these types of catastrophes? 

4. With respect to public perception of BP, explain how the event and the subsequent reaction of BP influenced public opinion of the company. Do you think this had an effect on consumer buying of BP products?

Unit VI – Case Study

Please see the attachment! 🙂 

Unit V – Case Study

Vandaveer, V. V. (2012). Dyadic team development across cultures: A case study. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 64(4), 279–294. Retrieved from 

http://libraryresources.waldorf.edu/login? url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=pdh&AN=2013-02636-004&site=ehostlive&scope=site 

Given this scenario, include the following topics. 

Explain how culture can affect perceptions of team members in a group. 

Discuss strategies for working with leaders or team members who originate from a different culture than you. 

Expound on the significance of using the best type of verbiage to communicate with other members of a team in order to prove successful in task completion. 

Share the benefits of connecting with humor to build team camaraderie. 

Explain how personality traits, social factors, and styles of leadership can affect the competence and loyalty of a team member. 

Determine the different career options an employee might consider when having trouble working with a cohort or leader of a department. 

Formulate your response to these questions using APA format in a minimum of a two-page paper that includes at least two outside sources. Therefore, two additional sources, in addition to the case study, are required. Please use the Waldorf Online Library databases to find academic journals as sources

Compliance Indicators and Personal Application

Week 5 – Journal

Compliance Indicators and Personal Application

Review the Health Care Compliance Association’s Evaluating and Improving a Compliance Program (Links to an external site.). Choose and discuss one of the indicators presented in the HCCA reading in relation to an organization or agency that you have worked for or are familiar with.

· How did your agency’s compliance program support this specific indicator?

· What could have been done to improve your agency’s compliance efforts?

Self-Evaluation and Personal Goal Setting

· Do you think some (or all) of these indicators could be used as a method for self-evaluation for individuals involved in healthcare compliance? Why or why not?

· How could you evaluate yourself as an individual in relation to these indicators, in whatever field you work presently (or even as a student)? Are there some indicators that are more applicable to you than others?

· How do you think you could use these indicators as a tool for personal goal setting in- and outside the field of healthcare compliance?

Your journal entry may be informally written in first person and should consist of approximately 350-500 words.

List two jobs you have held in the past

  • List two jobs you have held in the past.
    • How were you recruited for each of these jobs? ( referral from friend – sales associate marshall’s) ( receptionist at law firm – referral from friend)
  • Consider a job you hold now or have held recently. Discuss one of the following questions:
    • How you would you want this job to be redesigned to place more emphasis on efficiency, motivation, ergonomics, or mental processing? ( current job is at bright horizons- child care educational coordinator) ( use google if you need help)
    • Why would you not want the job to be redesigned? ( wouldnt really want anything changed)

What are some benefits of evidence-based decision making to human resource management

What are some benefits of evidence-based decision making to human resource management? How important is data to evidence-based decision making? Does human resource management present unique challenges to capturing the needed data? Explain.

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers and respond to at least two. The overall goal is to respond in a way that keeps the dialog active and supports engagement with your peers. Ask questions if you need clarification of a point, or offer a different perspective.



Overview of Approaches to Obtain Data

Historical Background

Evidence-Based Decision Making

  • Onley, D. (2019). How leaders can make better decisionsHR Magazine, 64(3), 1.
    • Discusses the importance of open mindedness in effective business decisions.
  • Ward, D. (2017). Data-driven HRHR Magazine, 62(9), 14–15.
    • Covers the benefits of data-driven HR.

HR Analytics and Metrics

  • Sousa, M. J. (2018). HR analytics models for effective decision-makingProceedings of the European Conference on Management, Leadership & Governance, 256–263.
    • A very nice summary and explanation of HR analytics for decision making. Distinguishes between HR analytics and HR metrics.

HRMN400 Write a memo to the CEO of HSS

Please see the assignment detail below. 1-2 page memo using the attached case study / in-text APA citation and bibliography / must use attached course resources (HRMN 400 week 1 course resources). DUE THURSDAY MORNING

Application: After reading the case study about the organization HSS in the module included in this course for this week, do the following:

Write a memo to the CEO of HSS in which you justify HR’s role in drafting a strategic plan. The report should be written using language the CEO will understand and can relate to. The document should be complete enough to convince the CEO of the importance of the HR function being part of the strategic plan at HSS.

It is important for you to locate and include academic sources (at least two) that support the content in the memo. You must show the reader that what you assert is accepted practice at other companies or organizations. You may use a word document if you like or provide your proposal in the content of your response window.

Choose a real organisational case illustrating questionable organisational and management practices

 Length: 6 Pages Maximum

Choose a real organisational case illustrating questionable organisational and management practices that have been critiqued in the public spaces. Examples include companies, such as BP, BHP, CommonWealth Bank, Toyota, WorldCom, VW; government agencies such as the Wheat Board, Wollongong Council; non-profits, e.g. Health Union, FIFA, Essendon Football Club.

You are welcome to choose a case from your home country as long as it represents questionable organisational/management practices and has been under public scrutiny.

  1. Analyse the reasons for these questionable organisational and management practices including the judgements made by leaders/managers of these organisations via relevant organisation theories. How accountable do you see have managers and leaders of the chosen organisation been in their actions and decisions?
  2. You must draw from two different Organisation Theory lenses from the following list of Organisation Theory perspectives:
    • Agency Theory
    • Institutional theory
    • Bureaucracy
    • Control
    • Stakeholder Theory
    • Power and Politics
    • Ethical & moral dimensions of Organisation Theories
    • Approaches on employee co-ownership and commons
    • Organisational culture
    • Stewardship
    • You must illustrate your deepening personal and critical awareness of management and organisational practices and how theoretical lenses in the literature can illuminate these practices

Examine The Role Of Labor Relations Personnel


Create a job description and a 90-day plan of work for a newly hired labor relations specialist.  This job description should outline the job title, education requirements, direct supervisory, primary responsibilities, and duties.  Then, use this job description to create a 90-day plan of work for a newly hired employee.  Highlight goals a new employee should work on related to the job description.

Length: Job Description 1-2 pages and Plan of Work 1-2 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of five scholarly resources.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.