2000 word Social Innovation Concept Report

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Learning Outcomes

* Discuss the principles and focus of community engagement as they relate to the relationship between business and marginalised or
disadvantaged communities

* Evaluate the ethical and social responsibility of participants in business community organisations.


The purpose of this
assessment is for students to develop a social innovation concept and to
present it in a report. In this assessment you are required to
consider theoretical and practical aspects of social innovation.

You are free to choose
an existing community organisation and create a social innovation for
their client group or you can develop an entirely new concept that you
are passionate about.

You need to consider
the following issues: the common good, financial environmen ethical implications implementation challenges.

A suggested structure for your report follows

  • · Executive Summary (200 words)
  • · Discussion of social innovation and community engagement theory (500 words)
  • ·
    Description of your proposed social innovation and how your social
    innovation contributes to the common good (400 words)
  • · Conduct a SWOT, PESTLE and offer discussion on the possible funding and ethical implications of your social (500 words)
  • · Overview and briefly discuss the challenges for implementation (300 words)
  • · Conclusion (100 words)
  • · References
  • · Appendices (optional)

are required to research and use at least 10 scholarly sources to
support your discussion. This will include benchmarks from other social
innovations, business reports and articles. In addition, websites may
be used sparingly if they are of direct relevance.


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