1 000 words or more critical essay in response to one of the readings provided must cite 2 scholarly sources must have the book

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This is an 1,000 analysis essay which is a form of expository prose, a kind of writing in which you argue several points. The topic of your analysis is your critical response to the reading. Read the chosen article several times, noting the thesis and the sub points in the reading. You can also note aspects of style that affect the strengths and weaknesses in the article, and how well the article develops its main and subpoints. You may need to do additional research about each of the authors before you begin formulating your analysis.

You then need to formulate your critical response to the article. Consider whether you agree with the main point, the persuasiveness of the arguments, the arrangement of the sub points (organization), clarity, the intellectual level of the writing, emotional and/or logical appeals, and the writing style.

Then begin to outline your essay, deciding on your thesis, and the supporting subpoints you will develop. Consider also how you will organize your essay. It is usually best to begin with an introduction in which you seek the reader’s attention, state your thesis, and preview the subpoints. Then, develop your subpoints which will be the main the body of your essay. Finally, plan a conclusion that restates your thesis, reviews the subpoints (briefly), and ends with an effective closing. You will probably need to revise your outline several times, and keep going back to the article.

Once you have a good outline, begin writing your essay. Although your audience is the professor in COM 332, consider that, overall, you are addressing a college educated reader. Strive for clear organization, clarity, and developing 2-3 subpoints in support of your thesis. You need to show whether you agree with the thesis in the article, and explain the basis for your agreement (or disagreement).

Additional Research Required

To support your analysis, you must cite at least 2 scholarly sources. These have to be in addition to sources you read as part of the course. So citing course readings is strongly suggested but will not count towards the 2 source requirement.

Grading Criteria

The essays will be evaluated according to: 1) soundness of content (logic and reasoning in support of the thesis; development of main points; 2) clear organization (intro, body, conclusion; subpoints fully developed); 3) writing style (effective language, grammar, punctuation, and proper format in references); and 4) use of sources (cited sources are credible and used fully, not just for one quote)


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